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Kitchen cabinets miami

Kitchen Cabinets Buying Guide

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Weighing your kitchen cabinet options? This guide will walk you through it.

Choosing kitchen cabinets is an important decision that marries form and function. Yes, they have to hold your plates, cereal and spices, but they’re also one of the first things people notice about a kitchen.

Before you make a decision about cabinets, you’ll need to make decisions about quality, color and style.


Kitchen cabinets come in three different quality levels: stock, semi-custom and custom.

Stock cabinets
Stock cabinets are a great option if you have a limited budget. Stock cabinets are off-the-shelf cabinets that you can walk into a store and purchase or order online. Just be aware that a limited budget means a limited range of colors, sizes and styles.

Most are built well enough to last a couple decades in your kitchen, but many contain lower quality materials, which won’t hold up as well as their higher-priced counterparts.

One thing to consider is that many stock cabinets tend to have particleboard box parts with some hardwood components, and particleboard will break down if exposed to moisture.

The next step up in terms of quality is semi-custom cabinets. Semi-custom cabinets are usually constructed with plywood instead of particleboard for the box parts, which means they will hold up better over time, especially when exposed to moisture.

While they are more expensive than stock cabinets, they come in a wide range of styles, sizes and colors. They can also be configured with additional moldings, hardware, drawer slides, dovetail drawers and unique shelving configurations, all of which allow for a more custom look for your kitchen.

Most kitchen cabinet showrooms and building suppliers have cabinet displays showcasing semi-custom cabinets. Although not quite as budget-friendly as stock cabinets, semi-custom is a great option for many kitchen remodel budgets and styles.

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Custom cabinets
Custom cabinets, on the other hand, are high-end in both appearance and price. They have superior construction quality and offer nearly unlimited color, size and customization options.

If you look at the kitchens on many design or kitchen magazines, chances are you’re looking at custom cabinets. Custom cabinets are made to look like they were created just for that specific kitchen. They often stretch to the ceiling or are built around refrigerators, ranges and stoves.

Custom cabinets will also offer even more options: moldings, hardware, inset doors or unique materials will all be readily available in custom cabinetry.

If you have a large renovation budget and a specific style or look you are chasing, then custom cabinets might be your best option.


Now that we’ve discussed the different quality levels you can expect to find, we can turn our attention to aesthetics.

Frame styles
There are two different cabinet frame styles: cabinets with face frames and cabinets without face frames. So what’s the difference? In terms of quality, there is no real difference — it simply comes down to looks.

A face frame is literally a frame of wood that sits on the front of the cabinet box. Cabinets with face frames have doors and drawer fronts that sit either flush with the face frame or on top of the face frame.

Most American cabinets have face frames. Cabinets with face frames tend to look better in more traditional or country kitchens.

If you’re buying a cabinet with a face frame, you’ll need to determine how the door is positioned on the cabinet. Most cabinet doors sit over the face frame. Inset doors, which sit flush with the surface of the face frame, give a cabinet a custom, high-end look.

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Cabinets that are frameless don’t have a face frame, so the front of the cabinet is all doors and drawer fronts.

Frameless cabinets are often referred to as European-style cabinets. For example, IKEA cabinets are frameless. These cabinets tend to look better in more modern or urban kitchen settings, due to their sleeker look.

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Door styles
The most commonly available door styles are shaker, raised panel or variations of those two. These two styles aren’t likely to go out of style anytime soon.

Raised panel and shaker doors are perfect if you prefer a more traditional look, and both of these options can be dressed up with more a more detailed profile.

As far as color goes, it’s hard to go wrong with a dark stain or a white-painted cabinet. Both options are classic choices.

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Generally, a dark-stained wood is better suited for a well-lit space. Poorly lit rooms with dark cabinets will feel even darker, while white cabinets can make a room feel clean and bright.

Kitchen cabinets miami

Kitchen cabinets miami

Kitchen cabinets miami

Weighing your kitchen cabinet options? This guide will walk you through it.
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