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Kitchen colour ideas

Successful ideas

With the Griffe Collection, Gessi designs bathroom fixtures and furnishings for the first time

The “Diverso” tap’s name evokes a break with tradition and clichés: Gessi gives birth to the designer tap

Innovation also in the kitchen. Taps become furnishings with their “I compagni di arredo” (interior furnishing mates)

Quadro by Gessi was the first tap in the world to introduce a shape with a square base. A new concept which contains an innovative and explosive expressivity.

By the launch of the Rettangolo Line, Gessi paved the way to the essential elegance of minimal design taps, starting a small revolution still topical in its sector.

The astonishing ceiling-mounted spouts by Prospero Rasulo, who designed them as impressive part of the 300 items of the Rettangolo line, still amaze to this day.

Once again Gessi breaks the rules of tradition which stressed on round base faucets and introduces an oval section for taps and coordinated accessories. The Ovale Collection is launched.

Gessi introduces functions and typical shapes of professional kitchens in the interior furnishing: Quadro Hi-Tech mixer for the kitchen by Gessi, is a revelation of functions and beauty, as well as for its light style and functional capacity. A perfect combination for a contemporary kitchen.

Gessi not only takes care of the interior furnishing for bathrooms but is soon well known as “Technology for the Kitchen”. For this quarter Gessi proposes Progressivo, a revolutionary faucet with mixer and regulator embedded in the body of the tap.

With its fierce style and smart functionality, XL has a flat and slender body and joystick mixer in an unusual position.

Through its products, such as Rettangolo Colour and Just Colour, that modulate shape and colour of the flow, Gessi was able to transform water in a design element.

The echo of a classic beauty interpreted with originality and the adherence to Gessi signature minimalism shape the design of Mimi, a range of contemporary style products intended for customers who like furnishings both functional and decorative.

With the Gessi Private Wellness Program, Gessi launches the concept of a “private” and personalized wellness that can be designed upon our own desires. The Program underpins the principle that what is beneficial is supposed to be aesthetically pleasant. This is the reason why showers, hand-showers, bodyjets, cascade spouts and all wellness accessories of the Collection have the finest designs.

Segni is a range of smart ceiling and wall-mounted showerheads, available in all Gessi typical designs: the round, oval, square and rectangular shapes.

Goccia (Drop) Collection, designed by Prospero Rasulo with Gessi in 2009 and inspired by the fluid and natural forms of water, represents a first experimentation in the field of organic design.

Water can even spring directly from the dining table, as the Goccia tap and washbasin can become part of the table itself.

For the first time, the outstanding design of Goccia brings a spout into the living room with a sleek and spectacular effect.

As expression of an idea of extremely pure beauty, Tremillimetri is the heir of Gessi’s tradition of bold and revolutionary innovation. With the passage from three-dimensional to two-dimensional shapes, abstraction of objects as solids, the Tremillimetri Line adds a new highly imaginative chapter to bathroom minimalist elegance.

Duplice design is inspired by lightness and stresses on the contrast between full and empty spaces, with two square, geometric and slender arms linked to the spout where water magically flows as hovering.

Gessi’s last creation for the kitchen is Minimo. It stands to reason that this glamorous and very thin product is inspired by minimalism. Super skinny faucets such as this one are not very common, so Minimo really separates from any previous design.


In the spirit of innovation, and to challenge the conventions Gessi began with a revolutionary idea: to transform a traditional product such as the common faucet into a designer object with sophisticated functions and forms.
Its 1996 “Diverso” (Different) faucet was emblematic of this break with tradition.
The Gessi designer faucets are décor objects with a personality all of their own. Objects that make a significant contribution to any environment, in terms of image and style.
“Sometimes small ideas lead to great changes.
Can a faucet become a furnishing element?
If it is made differently”
(Launch slogan for the “Diverso” faucet line)

Instead of thinking of a faucet as the final functional element in a purely utilitarian environment, Gessi took a new approach. Now the environment itself is designed around the faucet. “Where do I want the water to come from?” That is the question that the Company asks. The results are complete freedom in the design of decorative bathroom and kitchen plumbing, with unique floor-mounted, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted faucets.

From the outset, Gessi has been committed to providing an harmonic coordination of style within the bathroom and the kitchen environments.
Whether the shapes of the objects and accessories that adorn these environments are square, oval or round, they harmonize in order to give character and personality to the kitchen and bathroom.
For this reason, the bathroom faucets are offered in structured collections whose designs extend to the sink and other fittings, thus creating wholesome bathroom environments with the same style, shapes, contours and lines.
Gessi’s kitchen faucets followed a similar evolution, borrowing refined design and creative installation solutions, such as the floor and wall-mounted configurations, from their bathroom counterparts. For the kitchen, Gessi has developed a range of mixer handles with exclusive in-house designs, elegantly coordinated with the profiles of the faucets, dispensers and accessories, as well as other handles in the kitchen, such as those on the cabinets or the range.
With these innovations, Gessi has creatively revolutionized the traditional view of purely utilitarian environments, transforming them into a spaces to be reinvented and customized.

The Company’s commitment to creativity has manifested itself in designs that transcend time and fashions. The Quadro, Rettangolo, XL, Mimì, Just and Goccia models are just some of the milestones on its pathway of research and innovation: models that have become design icons and are famous throughout the world. They have defined the brand’s unique identity and have become design icons, famous throughout the world.
With the launch of the Quadro and Rettangolo product lines in respectively 1999 and 2002, the Company opened the way to the development of faucets of simple elegance and minimalist forms, sparking a small revolution still in the works to this day.
Every Gessi Collection transmits a message of timeless elegance and simplicity, combined with a typically minimalist style and maximum attention to detail.
The inspiring principle behind the Gessi Collections is the power of forms that, in an original and ironic fashion, convey essential and evocative graphic symbols. The square, the oval and the rectangle are the Gessi “Segni” (Signs). Immediately recognizable, these shapes have exceptional communicative power, and are the basis of the names of the Gessi collections. Shapes that transform everyday objects into small household sculptures.
Despite being the Company’s most typical stylistic signature, Gessi’s minimalist concept has evolved over time, mixing with other shapes and adding new contours to the Company’s wide range of unique products. The 2010 “Goccia”, inspired by the shape of water itself, constitutes the first successful experiment in organic design and went on to win several international awards.
Like Goccia, many other Gessi creations have also won awards for design and innovation.

Kitchen colour ideas

Kitchen colour ideas

Kitchen colour ideas

Gessi engaged in making traditional items into designer products conceived according to an overall wellness philosophy.
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