Jul 11 2020

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Kitchen cabinets online

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing:

One of the first areas of a house that requires remodeling is the kitchen. It seems that appliances, floors, sinks, countertops, all go out of style at some point. Kitchen cabinets are a big part of any remodel job and often you can save $$ by just refacing the cabinets instead of replacing them. Ultimately it’s the homeowners decision as to what they want to do. Cabinet refacing is not cheap, but it’s definitely less expensive than buying brand new ones. In our recent kitchen remodel we decided that the cabinets needed to be refaced since they were structurally sound. Over the years they have become scratched on the outside and the paint is chipping away on some edges. A few years ago we had replaced the cabinet hardware which had become outdated. The new satin nickel knobs and pulls looked great but we knew a refacing would follow shortly. How much does refacing kitchen cabinets cost? Do I need a professional to do it? We answer those questions and many more below.

Cabinet Refacing Cost:

Ok, now to the guts of the project. Just what is it going to cost you to reface your cabinets. Prices range from $1000 to $9000 with lots of variations in between. The low end price is for RTF or plastic laminate. RTF stands for rigid thermo foil and it is quite durable and owners say it’s easy to clean. The plastic laminates range from $1000 to $3000 to reface and although less durable than RTF, you get to choose from more color options. Wood veneers are the most expensive of the bunch at $2500 to $6000 – we did read some reviews from homeowners who paid closer to $9000 for high quality wood veneer. Our project ran just under $6000 and included all the things listed below:

  • reface existing kitchen cabinets with Eastern hardrock veneer – included covering the bottoms of our upper cabinets
  • install pulls or handles that we had purchased
  • build and install solid maple frame and panel doors in recessed panel style
  • install all doors on hidden Euro hinges that are spring loaded and fully adjustable
  • install crown trim around the perimeter of the upper cabinets
  • install new breadboard made of solid alder
  • build and install 3 rollout drawers
  • build and install 7 new drawers that are to be mounted on white vinyl clad ball bearing glides
  • finish all wood products with a clear conversion varnish finish

You should be able to get estimates from 3 contractors for the work required and then you can compare the $$ amounts to see which one you want to go with. Always get references and ask plenty of questions. The biggest complaint from homeowners is that the contractor sticks them with a bigger bill due to work having to be done that was not discussed initially.

Refacing vs Replacing Kitchen Cabinets:

Replacing the cabinets in your kitchen is probably not a great option when you look at prices. If you are going to do a complete remodel of the kitchen area, then perhaps outdated and oddly shaped cabinets may need replacing. In our case the house was not that old and the cabinets were still in tremendous shape so we went with refacing. Many people think that refacing is too much and decide on replacement instead. All we can say is ask your contractor for some before and after pictures of cabinet refacing projects and you might change your mind. The facelift on the cabinets can really change the dynamics of the kitchen and help accent things like granite countertops or new appliances.

Kitchen cabinets online

Kitchen cabinets online

Kitchen cabinets online

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: One of the first areas of a house that requires remodeling is the kitchen. It seems that appliances, floors, sinks, countertops, all go out of style at some point.
SOURCE: Kitchen cabinets online Kitchen cabinets online

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