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More Telephony Features

Port-in existing numbers^
Enables a user to keep their existing phone number/s and transfer, or ‘port’ it to their new BizPhone service.

Hunt Groups
A Hunt Group allows users to distribute any inbound calls to a nominated sub-group of users.

Call forward unreachable (disaster recovery).
Enables a user to redirect calls to another destination when the intended recipient is unreachable.

Available on 0, 12 or 24 month terms
All BizPhone plans are available on a choice of 0, 12 and 24 month terms. You’ll pay the same price per month, the only difference is the setup cost.

Voicemail to email
Enables a user to send their voicemail to a nominated email address.

Auto Attendants
Auto Attendant is an auto receptionist that answers the phone with a personalised message and provides options to callers.

Speed dial codes
Enables users to dial single digit codes to call up to eight different nominated numbers.

Busy lamp field
Enables a user to receive the call state information on monitored users.

^ Not available for all carriers.

Available from

or call 13 60 39

or call 13 24 49

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