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Global Local is not merely a company of financial planners, but more client portfolio managers, along the lines of a private banking-type service.

  • Forex Division

    Global Local recently welcomed the addition of a foreign exchange department. Now you can trade through us at competitive rates.

  • Corporate Cash Manager

    For instant access to your cash, our new corporate cash manager is now available. Global Local has partnered with Investec to offer you cash solutions that can be tailored to meet your savings needs. Global Local uses Investec’s Corporate Cash Manager (CCM) – an innovative, secure online banking system – to transact on your behalf.

  • Customised Financial Solutions

    Global Local was formed approximately 16 years ago by its current Managing Director and Founder Michael Haldane with the ideal of providing investment and financial planning advice to individual and corporate clients independent from any one particular product provider.

  • Fully Transparent Transactions

    Global Local is a fully-fledged financial advisory company and as such we are registered with the Financial Services Board in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS).

    Hi Michael, We just wanted to thank you for the meeting we had with you yesterday. We always feel very positive when we have seen you. You really are amazing at what you do, we don’t think anyone could replace you with the knowledge that you have.

  • Michael and his team has been immensely important in building for my wife and myself a very acceptable retirement package, not only has he excelled as an investment advisor but he has also come to be a wonderful friend.

  • Thank you for your proposal for my wife and I. Your service is impeccable and I must thank you for answering all my questions and completing a thorough comparison between your product and PSG’s.

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