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Imagine a project management tool which would allow you to describe a project in a few simple steps, and based on sound science and applicable project histories, provide you with a most likely estimate for project cost, effort, and duration. Imagine you could analyze and test trade-offs in a matter of seconds by changing one or more project variables. Imagine you could specific percentage probabilities for achieving project objectives, and further, how those probabilities could be improved by small changes in various underlying constraints and assumptions. All of this . and more . is possible with a new kind of project management toolset: SEER by Galorath.

Cost estimating training

SEER for Software Estimation

SEER for Software provides a systematic approach for estimating the cost, schedule, effort, defects and risk of software development and maintenance projects. Along with estimating project resources and schedule, SEER provides an unparalleled capability for trade-off and risk analysis, and contributes to the generation of realistic project plans, increasing the probability of a project”s success.

Cost estimating training

SEER FOR IT Estimation

SEER for IT enables organizations to develop an early, accurate assessment of costs, schedules and risks for complex IT projects including: infrastructure, services, operations, and ongoing support. SEER-IT encompasses all phases of the project lifecycle: analysis, design, procurement, construction/build, distribution, test, training, ongoing operations and support, including decommissioning.

Cost estimating training

SEER for Hardware

SEER for Hardware, Electronics and Systems provides total cost of ownership for the development of components, systems and integrated product assemblies from concept through design, test, production, operations, support and retirement. SEER-H assists with early ROM estimating, trade-off analysis, proposal support, make/buy decisions, bid/no-bid decisions, budget forecasting, risk analysis and should-cost analysis.

Cost estimating training


SEER for Manufacturing estimates part and assembly costs for a variety of manufacturing processes. It allows the evaluation of alternatives that directly impact manufacturing costs by identifying the costdrivers, risks and ranges.SEER-MFG makes cost a key variable during the product design and build process cycle.

Cost estimating training


SEER support is provided by developers and consultants who use SEER models daily. It is available on an unlimited basis to all SEER clients. Galorath also maintains a User Support Library where registered users can download software upgrades, patches, and knowledge base updates, and access technical documents and estimating utilities.

Cost estimating training


SEER for Systems Engineering estimates systems engineering cost, schedule and effort with more fidelity than previously available. Unlike traditional wrap-factor approaches, SEER-SYS allows users to truly hone in on the characteristics of their system. Estimates are a function of system functional size along with adjustments from a number of related environmental factors.

Estimation Consulting Services

Galorath consultants have hundreds of years of combined experience in project estimation, process design, cost analysis, and project management standards and best practices. This diversity of experience enables us to offer both broad and deep industry, project, and organizational awareness.

Cost estimating training

Engineering Services

Galorath Engineering Services was established to offer cost estimation services, including defendable should-cost estimating services. Galorath Engineering Services personnel posses expertise in Materials Process Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Cost Engineering. Our services can provide existing estimating organizations additional resources and expertise to meet challenging schedules.

Cost estimating training

Commercial International Programs

The Commercial and International Programs Division of Galorath Incorporated provides cost estimation outreach to practitioners around the world including Fortune 500 companies, international organizations and government agencies. Galorath Incorporated has nearly three decades of practical solutions for ensuring project success.

Cost estimating training

Galorath Federal

Galorath Federal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Galorath Incorporated. Galorath Federal was created to optimize our ability to deliver the highest quality Federal consulting services and mitigate any concerns over Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI). Galorath Federal is a qualified Small Business.


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How it works

SEER provides estimation, planning and control vision for more successful projects. Know in advance and make informed decisions: The SEER estimation engines replicate real-world outcomes by combining sophisticated modeling technology with a database of industry and user-defined metrics.

Cost estimating training


Cost estimating training


Cost estimating training

Cost estimating training


What people say about us

“I’ve been working with Galorath tools for over 15 years now and can’t imagine ever changing that. The SEER products are excellent, very powerful and very flexible. And they aren’t static – Galorath makes sure to update and modify them as technologies and methods evolve. Our experience with Galorath’s customer service has been outstanding. Someone is always available to answer questions, assist with technical issues, or to talk about the nuances of setting up a particular estimate. “ –Ian B., Booz Allen Hamilton

“allaboutXpert has provided estimation services to its clients for well over 5 years and recently moved our technical offering to Galorath and more specifically the SEER for Software and SEER for IT products. These are world class products that have extended our current offerings and delivered significant value to our clients. Our engagements with the Galorath Management Team have been incredible, and is a relationship that embraces a true partnership. Along with the products the Galorath team brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the table. We look forward to collectively providing even more innovation in the Estimation space in 2015 in both our African and newly establish Australian market.” –Dennis G., allaboutXpert.

“SEER-SEM is an invaluable tool that allows us to provide timely, accurate and defensible software estimates for our clients. Compared to other software estimation tools I’ve used, SEER-SEM is by far the best.” — Dan F., Cobec Consulting

KDS has used the SEER tools in the estimation process for a missile development program. The tools have proven to be very helpful and efficient when estimating the cost and the associated cost uncertainty for such a large project.” — Geir H.,Kongsberg