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Fire Smoke Restoration
Fire and smoke can play havoc on your home, with so many materials that feed into it, you re lucky when you can control it quickly, although it leaves it s mark behind. We at Fire Pro are here to remove that mark, and to bring your home or business back up to proper working order with experienced and expert services that strive for both the aesthetic return to your property and the safe space it represents.

Water Damage Restoration
In the wake of flooding in your Atlanta area home or business, dealing with the effects is only half the battle. We bring you a service that goes deep into your property materials to ensure that we get to all trapped water and moisture before bringing restoration and cleaning. Alleviating the possibility that further issues could stem from these events later on down the line costing even more time and money for a resolved issue.

Smoke Soot Removal
The health risks associated with smoke and soot inhalation should be incentive enough to have the right professionals tend to your property. At Fire Pro we are dedicated to ensuring that your property is safe, and through our smoke and soot removal service that by-product comes hand in hand with the right professional cleaning. When your home or business is suffering from the effects of smoke and soot, you can count on Fire Pro for the solution.

Storm Damage
Storms can cause all manner of damages to your home or business, whether the roof, windows or otherwise. And having a company in your corner that can bring the professional touch regardless of the affected area will bring you the peace of mind you need. We specialize in all manner of restoration to ensure that we can bring you the best possible results no matter the affected area on your Atlanta property.

Mold Remediation
For those suffering asthma or other respiratory issues, the very young or the very old, mold can cause a major issue. If you feel that your home may be victim to mold growth, and have a susceptible person living within, having an inspection done is the smallest possible step. We bring you a full inspection and all the safe removal skills you need to ensure that your mold issue is properly and permanently treated.

Commercial Restoration
We bring your business all the services you need when it comes to any issue that may befall it, whether fire, flood, storm damage, mold growth or otherwise. We know that every moment that your business is closed due to an extreme event ins another moment that is costing you money, which is why we aim to deliver fast and efficient work that will get you back in your business, and your company back to it s winning ways in safety and security.


After a grease fire in our kitchen we were sure that there was no saving it. We called Fire Pro for help. I m not sure exactly what they did, but it looks like an entirely new kitchen, amazing work. Frank S.

Our garage was almost burned down in a fire, Fire Pro was there with the help we needed most, bringing the space back to life with quality work. David K.

A tree came down onto my roof during a bad storm, the damage was pretty extensive. Fire Pro were on site quick, making sure there were no major issues so we could be safe in our home until the work was done. It was a small, but appreciated gesture. Helen G.The smoke and soot in our home after a bedroom fire was incredible, everything was grey and black. Fire Pro came in with thorough services and really cleaned up the place. Even our daughters dolls. Greg N.

Our son has asthma, so when we found out we had a mold issue, we needed help. We called Fire Pro and they were there the same day for an inspection. A few short days later, we were declared mold free. We can t thank you enough. Rachel R. A pipe burst in our basement ruining the finishing we had done down there. Fire Pro came to the rescue with their services, it looks fantastic down there now. Shelly O.


If you re unsure about any of the services provided by Fire Pro, we invite you to pick up the phone today to speak with one of our professionals. They will be more than happy to provide you with information on our services, schedule an inspection, or to direct teams to your location for emergency services. No matter the situation you have faced, and the extent of damages to your home, we want you to know that we are here to help you get your life back together, and your home or business back up to it s former glory.

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