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#Ceiling – wall lights for home lighting at Homebase

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Homes featuring a combined kitchen and living space require certain areas to be lit more than others. We stock everything from bathroom wall lights to torches and night lights. Our lighting  options come in many colours and design styles to suit your home; from classical chandeliers  to modern and contemporary designs. Some of the most popular lighting in any home is the ceiling lights, which are a feature of almost every room and an essential way of lighting a living space.

Also at Homebase, we have a range of wall lights for mounting on the vertical surfaces in a room. This provides an alternative lighting angle and can be used as part of a larger lighting scheme. Wall lights are also useful in specialist areas of the home, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Bathroom wall lights are particularly useful in front of mirrors for shaving. Kitchen wall lights make for a stylish way to light your cooking space and can also help to illuminate specific areas of the kitchen where you need light the most.

There is also a choice of outside lighting, specially designed to be tough and waterproof against the elements so that you can light up outside areas of your home for both safety and security reasons. An outside light provides an added layer of security when you are entering or leaving your home and lets you see what you are doing when arriving back in the dark.