Kitchen Step Stool, kitchen step stool.#Kitchen #step #stool

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Kitchen step stool

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Kitchen Step Stool

Kitchen step stool

The green cork floor goes well with cherry.

This kitchen step stool is a gift for my very patient wife who waited for two years while I built a traditional cherry kitchen for our house. (I have a day job.) The ceilings are nine feet, so the top shelves are out of reach for her.

Kitchen step stool

The green cork floor goes well with cherry.

Kitchen step stool

The braces under the steps are essential to keep the whole thing square.

Kitchen step stool

Here it is against the lower cabinets.

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Article Comments

carmyk, I took your images and created plans for your lovely stool using SketchUp, complete with a cutlist. Before I release the plans to the wild, I wanted to check with you to make sure you were ok with that. Of course I credited you by username in the file, but I’d much rather credit you by your actual name if you’re interested. Here’s an animation of the SketchUp file:

I think your design is great. I especially liked the fact that the two side panels can be cut from the same piece by spooning them front to front. I do have a question, did you glue the supports in at the assembly of the stool or did you manage to slip them in after the stool had set? Since there is no dado or dowels, this could be tricky either way. I am doing the final sanding and then it’s glue time. Nice job.

OK, this site needs an alert feature to inform me when people comment. I suppose it will be several months, if ever, before any of you notice this reply.

So you by any chance have a pattern ??

would you provide us with dimensions that you chose to use ?

Out of reach for her? I am 6 ft tall and they would be out of reach for me too! How tall are you anyway?