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Movable kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are highly desirable features and beautifully enhance a kitchen’s appearance. But aside from looks, functionality is key to a successful island kitchen design and sometimes a movable kitchen island proves better for fulfilling the existing space and meeting a user’s needs, rather than a fixed kitchen island.

Accommodating personal lifestyle and habits is as important as effecting a desirable look and style. Within this specification, kitchen islands require sufficient storage space, worktop space, a practical working kitchen triangle and access all around the island; all of the hallmarks of a truly successful kitchen island design! Without this, your dream kitchen could prove difficult to use and quickly become frustrating and tiresome.

Movable kitchen islands

Movable kitchen islands will provide additional worktop space when it is otherwise limited within a kitchen.

Careful planning means small kitchen islands can work for restricted spaces but must not be too large and overwhelm the space. However, if there isn’t sufficient workable space for a fixed kitchen island then popular alternatives include a kitchen peninsula or often a versatile and efficient mobile kitchen island.

The benefits of a movable kitchen island

Movable kitchen islands allow more counter space:

The obvious advantage of a movable kitchen island is that they are not fixed to the ground so will move to provide additional worktop as required within different sites of your kitchen. Whether for a large or small kitchen, additional worktop space is always beneficial. Movable kitchen islands are often used to create extra food preparation space, or sometimes people delib erately choose a different material for their island worktop from that of their other kitchen worktop to satisfy specific cooking requirements. For example, a Butchers Block chopping board worktop for the kitchen island may be suitable for working on and more resistant to scratches than if you were to do the same on granite or quartz.

Movable kitchen islands

Mobile kitchen islands can be easily removed from your kitchen any time you need use of more space!

Another option is to use the additional surface area provided for extra table space, such as if having a dinner party and short of seating (the island can easily be covered with a tablecloth to bring a consistent look, if not height, to your table setting). Similarly, and in keeping with the current Outdoor kitchen trend, movable kitchen islands may be convenient for summer barbeques, allowing you to wheel outside your necessary food, and equipment in one go.

Movable kitchen islands allow more floor space:

As well as providing additional worktop space, a movable kitchen island is practical in effectively utilising floor space. For this reason, they are popular for open plan living arrangements where the kitchen island can be wheeled out of the way when not in use. This is helpful for cleaning, for setting up a dinner table in the kitchen when needed, or else if you want to clear some space in your kitchen for a party!

Movable kitchen islands

Open storage within a movable kitchen island can be decorative and won t overwhelm a small kitchen space.

Movable kitchen islands allow more storage space:

As with extra worktop space, additional storage space is always beneficial within a kitchen. Movable kitchen islands offer just this, and they do not have to be very big to offer accessible and adequate storage. There are also a number of different storage options available. For example, you might choose a movable kitchen island with open shelving which is easily accessible, more decorative, and which helps prevent small rooms feeling enclosed. This could also include towel rails or hooks for pots, pans or utensils. Alternatively, you could choose closed storage such as island drawers, or else a combination of both. NB. Drawers within a movable kitchen island require careful planning to ensure their design and weight-bearing load is such that they cannot tip over.

Movable kitchen islands

Being able to move a kitchen island to provide additional workspace or floorspace is advantageous but it is essential to ensure brakes are working and always applied when the kitchen island is stationary.

Movable kitchen islands are less costly:

One of the major benefits of a movable kitchen island is they are less costly and easier to install than fixed islands. This is because there is usually less kitchen furniture included, and no plumbing or electrics to accommodate. Furthermore homeowners interested in a permanent kitchen island but apprehensive over making such a dramatic change to their kitchen layout sometimes use a movable island as a trial for the former, ahead of installing a more permanent island if they find this to their liking.

Movable kitchen island safety

Key to a movable kitchen island and essential for safety purposes is ensuring each wheel on the island has a working brake and that the wheels can lock in place. Whilst a moving island is beneficial, you must apply the lock when stationary. This ensures it won’t roll and risk hurting either yourself, children, houseguests, or else damage any of your property and/or belongings.

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