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Elevate the Client Experience


Pareto Platform CRM is a Microsoft Dynamics cloud-based CRM solution designed exclusively for financial advisors. After years of successfully consulting financial advisors on building trusting relationships with their best clients, it was easy to conclude that most CRM solutions were not adequate for achieving this goal. We’ve customized Microsoft Dynamics for the specific needs of financial advisors with integrated best practices based on The Pareto System. Benefits include:

  • No software to install
  • Access anywhere from your browser
  • Always backed up
  • Technical Support
  • Familiar Microsoft interface
  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics
  • Mobile app
  • Data import


per month/paid annually

  • Online Training and Resources
  • Integrated Best Practices
  • Virtual Coaching Program
  • Mobile Access
  • 500 MB SharePoint Storage

Online Demo

The online demo of the Pareto Platform CRM is done through the content and videos below. Once you have had a chance to review the online demo please contact us through the Get Started form or call 1.866.593.8020 to start your subscription.

F.O.R.M. and Contacts

Your client relationships are the life blood of your business. By integrating F amily, O ccupation, R ecreation and M oney to the contact card, the Pareto Platform will help to strengthen you client relationships in all of these areas.

Model and implement your business processes quickly, easily, and effectively. Each step of the process is automatically added to your Team Calendar, delegated to specific team members, and performed in sequence.

Advocate Service Matrix

Deliver ongoing client service with the highest degree of consistency and predictability. Your Advocate Service Matrix will ensure your best clients receive the time and attention they deserve.

This tool is central to putting the advisor and their team in control of their business. All actions are tracked automatically, tasks can be assigned with ease, and appointments can be rescheduled with a simple drag-and-drop.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

By utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook, Pareto Platform CRM can be seamlessly integrated into the everyday Outlook experience. Synchronize and track email, contacts, appointments, and tasks effortlessly.

All activities are historically tracked to the associated client records, allowing you to track your invested time and efforts. Accurate and non-modifiable compliance reports can be produced with the click of a button.

The orientation video will give you an overall look at The Pareto Platform CRM. It will guide you through the main areas of navigation, the main menu, the Work Place submenu, Best Practices submenu, contact record, dashboards, calendar and more.